And that's a wrap for 2023!

And that's a wrap for 2023!

2023 has been an amazing year for Solmates Australia and we really couldn’t have done it without you, our lovely customers and community. Your loyalty and support have allowed us to grow, learn and have loads of fun. We made countless Solmates and packed countless boxes, but more importantly, we’ve given thousands of you the opportunity to reduce your plastic waste AND easily protect yourselves and your loved ones in the sun.

Some of our favourite highlights:

Meeting so many of you at festivals, expos and markets like the Big Design Markets and Finders Keepers Markets in Sydney and Melbourne. Kel and I were blown away with the kind words, enthusiastic support and excellent feedback we received while we were there. 

Going global and launching in the US, UK and throughout Europe!

Launching new colours into the Solmates family! ….. Salt Lake Pink, Ghost Gum Grey, Koala Edition, Lifeguard Edition and Waratah Red. Did you have a favourite?

Seeing so many images and video of you with #solmatesau. Our Solmates visited places all around the world this year including Greece, the US, Brazil, Italy, France and so many more! 

Having such lovely retailers around Australia come on board and stock our Solmates with such enthusiasm. Including the Cancer Council stores in NSW and SA! It has been really special to be able to go into store and see our little Solmates standing proudly on the shelf. 

Being part of the fight against plastic waste. We started Solmates because we wanted to reduce our plastic waste and now our ambition is so much bigger. We continue to fight plastic waste in 3 ways:

  1. Reducing the need for single-use plastic by providing a refillable alternative
  2. Reusing existing plastic waste by using certified Ocean Bound Plastic to make the Solmates
  3. Reducing existing plastic waste by funding the clean up of 2,400 kg of plastic waste this year (the equivalent of 12,000 plastic bottles)

And we are only just getting started. In 2024 we are: 

☀️ Working on improving our Solmates to be even more sustainable and even more user-friendly so you may see some differences moving forward (don’t worry we will tell you all about them!)

☀️ Introducing even more new colours into the range! (the request for Green has been heard we promise. Don’t worry, we are hard at work on that one now!)

☀️ And the most exciting of all … working on a couple of innovative NEW products designed to make your lives easier (and more fun). So stay tuned!

The very best thing about this year has been hearing from so many of you. Your feedback, support and enthusiasm has been an amazing thing to see! Thanks for coming along for the ride, we can’t wait to hang out with you next year. 

Caroline & Kelly


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