Custom Branding

Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicators are the ultimate choice for corporate gifts with purpose! They offer a thoughtful, useful, and environmentally friendly solution that aligns with your brand values. We are excited to collaborate with you to create the ultimate planet-saving gift. Your own branded Solmates come in a range of colour combinations, personalised with your choice of custom printing or branded silicone grip bands.

There is oh so much to love about Solmates

☀️ Convenience and Reusability: Solmates are refillable sunscreen applicators that can be used again and again. Compact  enough to take anywhere, they ensure you always have  sunscreen when you need it most. 

☀️ Fight Against Plastic Waste: They reduce plastic by replacing the need for small single-use plastic sunscreen bottles. 

☀️ Certified Ocean Bound Plastic: Our Solmates are made using plastic waste collected from coastal areas before it enters the ocean.

☀️ Support for Ocean Cleanup: Solmates collaborates with Plastic Bank to support the cleanup of ocean plastic waste.

☀️ Carbon Neutral:  Our manufacturing, freight and business processes are offset through Greenfleet to support Australian reforestation.

☀️ Support Local:  Made in Australia by a female-founded business.

☀️ Award-Winning Design: A 2022 Good Design Award winner and featured in the New Australian Design Exhibition at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum.

By gifting Solmates, you demonstrate that you care about your gift recipients and the planet. We would love to chat more about helping you create a unique and sustainable gift - so email us at