Explore with Solmates ☀️ Mallorca, Spain

Explore with Solmates ☀️ Mallorca, Spain

Next up on Explore with Solmates we thought a fabulous European destination might come in handy if you are chasing that sunshine! Mallorca is one of Spain's popular Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean.

Mallorca Calle de Moro beach

Swim: Calo Des Moro

Calo Des Moro is definitely not the easiest beach to get to, but it is definitely worth it. 

Located on the southeastern coast of the island, the small beach (about 40m in length) is deep inside a bay with sheer cliffs. It is about a 15 minute walk from the parking area and a steep path to the beach and it gets very crowded so we recommend you get there early. Not so easy if you have kids with you but definitely doable (our young boys loved the adventure!)

And it is glorious! Set amidst stunning coastal scenery with crystal clear waters ideal for snorkelling and swimming, you feel like you are in a very special place. 

Sun dried tomatoes stall at Mallorca's Santanyi Market

Wander: The Santanyi Market

Located in the lovely town of Santany, these Wednesday and Saturday markets  are a bonanza of amazing produce including fruit and veggies from local farmers and amazing cheeses, olives and oil from the island. There are also stalls with local handicrafts and artisanal products including handmade jewellery, ceramics and textiles.

A word of warning - the market is very popular especially in the peak tourist season so it is worth getting there early to avoid the crowds (and get the best produce!)

Oranges Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicator with food and a bottle of wine at Mallorca's Pataki restaurant

Eat: Patiki Beach in Port Soller

Does ‘farm to table’ dining on the beach sound pretty amazing?? Well, at Patiki Beach it definitely is. This was our favourite dining experience on the island. Glorious food right on the beach. Make sure you book ahead and make sure you try their local natural wine selection. 


the label of a bottle of Ve D'Avior Cati Ribot wine

 Taste: wine by Cati Ribot

Make sure you experience the glorious wine from local female winemaker extraordinaire, Cati Ribot (especially the skin contact bubbly stuff). She is a 3rd generation winegrower making natural wines under the name Ve d'Avior.


Two boys at the Palma aquarium with a large tank filled with fish

+ kids: The Palma Aquarium

The Palma Aquarium was a surprising joy to visit! We expected a pretty standard tourist day out to keep the kids occupied and were blown away by one of Europe’s largest aquariums. Full of amazing marine life across a number of large exhibits, the aquarium also contains some truly excellent play areas for the kids. 

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