Sunscreen in Winter

Sunscreen in Winter

As the chilly winter season approaches, it's time to break out the cosy sweaters, sip on hot cocoa, and plan for some winter fun. But wait a minute! Don't forget about an essential companion for your winter adventures—sunscreen! Yes, sunscreen in winter may sound a bit odd, but heads up, it's important to keep your skin protected, even when the sun isn't shining as brightly (or at all!).

Just because the sun isn't blazing in the winter sky doesn't mean it's UV rays take a holiday. In fact, those sneaky rays can still reach your skin, even on the cloudiest of days.

UV rays penetrate winter clouds.

UVA are always there, they are potent year-round and can penetrate clouds, glass, and deeper into the skin. UVA damages deeper skin layers, resulting in premature ageing and increased risk of skin cancer. And don’t think being indoors saves you - even if you work in an office all day long, you still need protection, especially if you sit near a window or drive to work. 

Are you planning on heading to the snow?

If so, you need to know snow can act as a natural mirror, reflecting and intensifying the sun's rays onto your skin (ski burn is real!) plus higher altitudes add to the danger. So if you are spending your day on the slopes, having a massive snowball fight or building snowmen, wear sunscreen to protect yourself against that amplified sunlight!

So remember, winter brings its own unique set of skincare challenges, and sunscreen plays a crucial role in protecting your skin throughout the season - before you embark on your winter adventures, don't forget to protect your skin!

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