Meet the Solmates team ☀️ Laura Soto

Meet the Solmates team ☀️ Laura Soto

Laura is the Solmates queen of quality, assembly and stock control, making sure we always have enough of everything and each Solmate arrives to you in perfect condition. Laura hails all the way from Mercedes in north east Argentina and our warehouse is filled daily with her and Steph's lively Spanish chats and often the melodies of Argentine music. 


What does your day look like at Solmates HQ?  

My days at Solmates can be different every week and I love that but a typical day at work involves mostly checking the stock and maintaining inventory levels by building Solmates as needed. I start by conducting inventory checks. If we don’t have any special orders to be sent, I then continue building and assembling different colours of Solmates to increase our stock. At the end of the day, I log and update everything that has been done in the day to ensure accuracy and identify any discrepancies. 

What do you love most about working at Solmates?

Working at Solmates is definitely one of the greatest experiences that I’m having while living and working in Australia! It probably sounds cliche but the people who I work with are my favourite part of working here - that's what I love most. Being part of our team means that all ideas and opinions are considered, the work environment is peaceful, friendly and respectful and if there is a problem to be solved (and every week we have new ones!) the whole team works together to find solutions. We work hard but we laugh a lot together as well - that’s the perfect balance for me and it makes work more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Where is your favourite place to take your Solmate?

I take my Solmates everywhere - I’ve got one in every bag that I have so no matter which bag I take with me, I never forget to bring my Solmate with me. If I have to choose one place to take them, it will most likely be the beach - but to be honest I like to take them to any public place because I really enjoy when people feel intrigued about the product and they approach me and ask me what it is and of course I’m always happy to tell them about Solmates!

Tell us your favourite sustainability tip

I consider myself as a “containers fan”, it’s like a hobby - so every time my jam is finished or any container that can be reused is empty I ask myself - What can they be used for now? So I wash them and reuse them. I’ve reused different containers to make flower pots, pencil holders, containers for makeup, to store my jewellery. Of course one of my favourite uses is to organise my pantry or closet by putting some labels on them and making them look nice as storage. So that’s my tip: do not throw away your containers, use them to make something pretty for your house or as a gift or for storage! 

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