So what exactly is Ocean Bound Plastic?

So what exactly is Ocean Bound Plastic?

Did you know our Solmate applicators are made of certified Ocean Bound Plastic? We probably shout about it enough but thought we should explain what Ocean Bound Plastic (OBP) actually is!

…. Well, it’s not rocket science - as the name suggests it is plastic bound for the ocean. Which basically means it is close enough to a shore that it is in danger of polluting our oceans and waterways. 

Pretty simple right - we thought so too? But it’s actually a little bit more technical than we first thought - so here’s the nitty gritty….. To be certificated OBP the plastic waste needs to be located within 50 km from shores where waste management is nonexistent or inefficient. Importantly, if it’s  already located in a landfill or managed dump site, the plastic waste is not considered as OBP. 

The result of the mismanagement of plastic waste inside that 50km area results in roughly 8 million metric tons ending up in our oceans every year (with some reports having it as high as 14 million!). If we continue on this path it is estimated there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Scary right?!!

Collecting this plastic before it becomes ocean plastic and turning it into something new is a direct and effective way to limit this damage to our oceans.

So we are very proud to be part of a solution for this - as  not only does  our Solmate applicator reduce the need for single use plastic, every Solmate saves plastic from going into the ocean by reusing this OBP waste.  

You also help us go one step further, as a percentage of every sale of a Solmate goes to supporting Plastic Bank, a for profit social enterprise which establishes ethical plastic collection branches within 50 kilometres of coastlines and waterways. This ongoing support ensures we can all help in the clean up of even more ocean bound plastic. Yay, go us!

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