Solmates stars in the Good Weekend

Solmates stars in the Good Weekend
There was big excitement at Solmates HQ this weekend with our refillable applicators featuring in the Good Weekend Magazine in the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age newspapers. And what a delightful, glowing review!
Solmates Refillable Applicator features in the Good Weekend Magazine

"Every so often, a product so blindingly simple and, at the same time, so fiendishly clever lands on our desk that we can't help but fall a little bit in love. And so it was with these gorgeous little applicators from local start-up Solmates. 

You know all those half-filled bottles of sunscreen lotion that clutter up your bathroom, kitchen and car during the summer months - not to mention the struggle of actually applying it to the scrunched-up faces of disinclined offspring? 

Just decant about 50ml into these irresistibly fun, roll-top containers (made from ocean plastic, of course) and attach, by way of a silicon tether, to rucksacks and belts for easy, nag-free, on-the-go swiping. Mums and dads all over Australia are dropping to their knees in thanks.”

Sharon Bradley, Good Weekend Magazine 27 Jan 2024

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