Explore With Solmates ☀️ Trancoso, Brazil

Explore With Solmates ☀️ Trancoso, Brazil

In our next instalment of Explore With Solmates, we thought we would shine the light on one of our favourite places - a bit further afield this time! You will find the beautiful 16th Century town of Trancoso in the Bahia state of north east Brazil. To get here, we took a 90 minute flight from Rio de Janeiro and then another 90 minutes in the car. Now well known in Brazil and abroad (Beyonce has holidayed here!), the town still feels very relaxed, laid-back and remains largely undeveloped.

Restaurants in the Quadrado in Trancoso Brazil

Wander: The Quadrado

Everything revolves around the Quadrado, which is surrounded by beautiful, colourful houses and lovely restaurants. Late afternoon you can watch the locals play a competitive game of football and at nighttime, it is especially magical when lit by lanterns in the trees. 

A fish stew at Praia Tartarugas

Eat: Praia Tartarugas 

Situated on the cliffs above Praia Tartarugas, the delicious food was matched with a spectacular view. The star of the show as their moqueca - the region’s local dish of fish stew. After a long and leisurely lunch, wander down to the beautiful semi-isolated beach for a swim and an afternoon drink.   

A cocktail at Ginger in Trancoso Brazil

Taste: Ginger cocktail by Ginger 

You need to have the speciality cocktail at Ginger - hands down the best cocktail we have ever tasted (accompanied by the most delicious Thai food which was a delightful surprise in a remote Brazilian beach town). 

A boy on a walk way across mangroves at Praia Trancoso

+ kids: Praia de Trancoso

The walk to Praia de Trancoso is part of the adventure and an excellent opportunity to spot some of the local wildlife. Monkeys are common in the trees and we even spotted a sloth one day! You then get to the beach on a walkway over a mangrove which is full of tiny colourful crabs.  

A beach near Trancoso Brazil

Explore: Itapororoca

A 10 minute drive from the main square is a beautiful long beach away from the crowds. And the best part - if you go at the right time of day you can watch the sea turtle swim in the shallows. 

The outdoor eating area at Santo cafe in Trancoso Brazil

But first: Santo

Excellent coffee, yummy food with a lovely outdoor seating area and great staff.  A perfect way to start your day.  

(An extra tip - try going during the Brazilian winter. There are still beautiful, sunny days and warm enough to swim every day but you avoid all the crowds and get to experience a more relaxed, local way of life.) 

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