Meet the Solmates team ☀️ Mitchell Brown

Meet the Solmates team ☀️ Mitchell Brown

Meet the Solmates team – a tight-knit crew who are passionate about sun protection and sustainability. Curious about who created your favourite refillable sunscreen applicator? Get ready for a sneak peek into our world!

Mitchell Brown for Vert Design

Who: Mitchell Brown

How do you work with Solmates Australia?

I'm from Vert Design Studio. We have been working with Solmates since 2020 when the idea was first brought to us. We are industrial designers who work collaboratively with Solmates. We are focused on creating the best version of the core product and delivering a design that can be manufactured at scale.

When you were designing the Solmate, what was most important?

Given that customers can range in age from children to adults, we wanted to ensure anyone could use it. Visual cues were applied so that the product was intuitive to use. We also wanted to provide a long-lasting and durable product that could survive any daily adventure, whether a beach trip or exploring nature. 

What was the biggest challenge?

We adapted to a new way of working during the pandemic, conducting meetings and collaborating on design remotely. We normally have a very hands-on process with lots of face-to-face interaction. While this was initially tricky to navigate, we stayed true to our design process which resulted in the great product you see today. 

Tell us about a design feature that you really love?

With the modularity of the design, it is great to see how product elements can mix and match to create unique colour combinations. Colour is a very personal choice, and this feature allows customers to make their Solmate their own.

Any tips for someone wanting to bring their own idea to life?

Dedication and commitment are essential. You need to fully believe in your product to bring it to life. Industrial Designers are only one link in the chain of bringing a product to market. We view the overall process as a team game where other parties are involved. Whether it be sourcing agents, production managers, manufacturing partners and factories as well as graphic designers, branding and marketing consultants, all partners stand to benefit from the product's success. This means everyone will be working together and focused on the end goal.

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