Solmates and Your Sunscreen

Graphics of 4 sunscreen bottles in the Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicator colours (blue, orange, yellow and pink)

We always wanted our Solmate applicator to be sunscreen-agnostic because it meant that it would fit easily into your current lifestyle, routine and work with your choices.  Easy means buying your favourite sunscreen in bulk,  filling and refilling your Solmate and no longer needing the small single use bottles!  Winner! 

We get a lot of questions about what type of sunscreens work in our Solmates. Let’s be honest,  you don't want to buy a Solmate only to find your favourite sunscreen doesn’t work in it!

We designed the applicator to work with as many sunscreens as possible. However the reality is that there is a vast range of sunscreens on the market and consistency can vary widely so some will work better than others!

So we’ve  pulled together a summary of the sunscreens we have tested to date. Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive, and we will continue to add to it.  Please note:  we’ve only included sunscreens that you can buy in larger bottles and have an SPF of at least 30.  

A few key things to know first:

1. Solmates work best with creams and lotion-based sunscreens.

2. This includes mineral (zinc-based) sunscreens although the very thick ones may be more of a challenge. We have some tips below on how to alleviate this.

3. Solmates DO NOT work well with liquid based sunscreens (the type you get in spray bottles) - the gap around the ball is designed for creams / lotions and is too big for a liquid - so  the liquid may come out of the roller ball very quickly and cause leakage.  


Chemical Sunscreens

Examples of the chemical sunscreens we have tested and know work well are:




Ombra Sunscreen - all types

Banana Boat

All Lotion types (not spray)

Cancer Council

Kids, Active, Sport, Watersport, Everyday


Everyday Lotion

We are Feel Good

Signature, Coconut, Kakadu Plum, Sensitive, Wild Rosella

Le Tan

Coconut, Watermelon sunscreen


Beach Defence

Nivea Sun

Protect and Moisture, Sensitive Protect, Kids Ultra


Sensitive, Active Family

Bondi Sands

Coconut Beach Sunscreen, Sport


Everyday Lotion


Sunscreen Dry Touch


Sensitive Sun


Mineral  Sunscreens

We also know some of you love mineral (zinc-based) sunscreens. The Solmate does well with many  of these, however the very  thick ones tend to stick to the sides of the applicator and don’t fall onto the ball well and consistently, making them hard to apply. 

The zinc-based sunscreens we’ve tested that work in our Solmates are:

Brand Type
Bondi Sands Mineral Zinc
Little Urchin Natural Clear Zinc
Key Sun Clear Zinke
Ethical Zinc Natural Clear Zinc
Wot Not Natural Sunscreen

Please note:  One mineral sunscreen we get a lot of questions about is MooGoo. Unfortunately, MooGoo is very thick in consistency and doesn’t seem to work well in our Solmates.

A few tips to consider for any zinc based or thicker sunscreen:

1. We suggest keeping the Solmate upside down (or turning upside down before usage) so that the sunscreen falls on the ball.

2. Keep the Solmate quite full so there is always sunscreen on the roller ball end. 

3. Some customers have given feedback that mixing a tiny amount of liquid coconut oil with their zinc sunscreens helps the sunscreen fall better on the roller ball - please take precautions however if you choose to alter the makeup of a sunscreen.

So we hope this helps! Please drop us a line at if your favourite sunscreen is not on the lists here and we will make sure we test it.

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