A Solmate Tip: Cleaning Your Solmate

A Solmate Tip: Cleaning Your Solmate

We say this often because it is important …. your Solmate should be thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis!!*  The applicator is designed for the immediate transport and application of sunscreen within a short period of time, not for long-term storage of sunscreen. 

When you remove any sunscreen from its original packaging its efficacy may be affected over a given period, so please ensure you discard any old sunscreen regularly, then fully clean out all parts of your Solmate.

Luckily, it is very easy to clean! Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Remove the lid and base from the middle part of the applicator (please do not try to remove the roller ball)
  2. Using detergent and a brush or similar, thoroughly scrub and clean all parts of the applicator (including around the roller ball) to remove all residue
  3. Rinse off detergent  (repeat these steps until the applicator is thoroughly clean)
  4. Leave your Solmate to drain and fully dry before using again 


Want to see this in action? 


Please note, we have tested putting the Solmate in the top rack of the dishwasher and it survives BUT we find  the dishwasher doesn’t clean it well and a lot of sunscreen residue is still left. So we always recommend cleaning by hand using the steps detailed above. 

*We often get asked what we mean by ‘regular basis’. As  every sunscreen is different, we can’t give you an exact time frame, however we  believe every couple of weeks should be sufficient.. If you are worried this means you will be wasting sunscreen we would suggest you just don’t put too much in at once and just fill up more regularly when you need to. 

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