The Powerhouse Museum’s New Australian Design Exhibition

New Australian Design Exhibition sign at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum

Guess what?! The Solmate refillable sunscreen applicator is now displayed at the Powerhouse Museum in Ultimo, Sydney. It is featured in the New Australian Design exhibition which was launched during Sydney Design Week in September 2022.

Caroline Farrer & Kelly Riley looking at Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicator at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum Solmates Refillable Sunscreen Applicator display at Sydney's Powerhouse Museum     

At the beginning of our Solmates journey we were armed with an excellent idea but to be honest we were definitely design novices! So we were very  lucky to work with some of  Australia’s finest product designers who helped us bring our Solmates to life. 

The initial idea for a refillable sunscreen applicator was born through guilt and frustration (guilt at the amount of plastic we were using in our sun care regime and frustration at the lack of an easy and convenient solution). We wanted to make sure though that not only was our design sustainability-led but also easy to use and beautiful to look at. So we feel incredibly honoured that the final product of that determination and hard work is deemed worthy of being exhibited in a museum! 

So if you are in Sydney, go say hi to our little Solmate (and check out the other amazing Australian designs keeping it company). The exhibition runs until 30 April 2023.

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