Less Plastic! More Fantastic!

Less Plastic! More Fantastic!

One garbage truck full of plastic enters the ocean every minute. And if we continue at this rate there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. 

Solmates was born because of our desire to reduce the amount of plastic we used in our sun care regime. A refillable applicator meant less single-use plastic sunscreen bottles used! And the desire for less plastic (and more fantastic!) has determined the way we run our business. We use ocean-bound recycled plastic to make our applicator - reusing the plastic already out in the world. Plus we made sure our applicator is 100% recyclable. 

But we wanted to do more. So we partnered with a leading environmental organisation called Plastic Bank to reduce the amount of plastic waste before it even hits our oceans. 

Plastic Bank works with coastal communities to build ethical recycling ecosystems, currently operating in Haiti, Brazil, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt. To put their process simply, Plastic Bank pays collectors a premium for the materials they collect, and then processes the materials for reintroduction into the manufacturing supply chain. So not only do they help the world stop ocean plastic, they improve the lives of the communities they work with.  

As of October 2022 we have funded the removal of over 2,200kg of plastic waste (the equivalent of 110,000 plastic bottles) and we are just getting started.

So when you purchase a Solmate you are helping to rid our world of plastic waste. We thank you (so does the world!)  Go you! 

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